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William Mathews Brooks Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From AMGA

A lifetime of valuable contributions is no small feat and the mountaineering industry is showing its appreciation for one of its finest mountain guides, William Mathews Brooks, with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

/EINPresswire.com/SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- "Loyalty, integrity and moral character worthy of emulation" is how the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) describes recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and there couldn't be a more apt way to describe William Mathews Brooks - the 2012 awardee.

Brooks is no stranger to AMGA Awards. In 2010 he was awarded the AMGA Presidential Gold Medal - the highest award bestowed by the AMGA, in recognition of his significant contribution to the mountain guiding profession.

"An AMGA award is always special because they don't give them away easily. But after 30 years of mountain guiding, winning the Lifetime Achievement Award has an even more special meaning. To be recognized by the community I serve for my commitment and dedication is truly heartwarming," said William Mathews Brooks (http://brooks-range.com/)

William Mathews Brooks is an avid climber, alpinist, passionate adventurer and thrill seeker at heart. Brooks is also the founder and the inventive mind behind Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co.; a mountaineering company providing a selection of innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional alpinists, and mountain and ski guides.

There is a story behind every inventive businessman and Brooks is no different. In 1995, while taking his Certified Ski Guide course, he found the available equipment to be inadequate, too large and cumbersome. A lack of alternative solutions led him to invent the Emergency Rescue Sled and the Ski Guide Cards (also known as SGC's). Since then, Brooks has continually engineered advancements and added new features to the Brooks-Range sled.

"My products at Brooks-Range started out as custom designed personal projects. I designed them to fill a gap that wasn't being satisfied by other mountaineering equipment companies. Luckily for me, my friends loved them too, and from there demand within the mountaineering community just skyrocketed! It never fails to excite me that my products are now so widely appreciated," said Brooks.

Having acquired more than 95 percent of the professional market, Brooks-Range equipment is quickly growing in the consumer marketplace.

For many in the mountain guide community, it is no surprise that William Mathews Brooks, being such a passionate mountaineer and an imaginative entrepreneur, was honored for his outstanding contribution and achievements in the mountain guiding profession at the recently held American Mountain Guides Association Annual Meeting.

About William Mathews Brooks:
William Mathews Brooks is an avid mountain guide, climber and alpinist and the founder of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co. A multi-award winning adventurer, Brooks is also a passionate sailor. Brooks-Range is a leading supplier of a variety of unique and inventive mountaineering equipment for alpinists, backcountry travelers and professional mountain and ski guides.

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