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Lena Fayre Releases The Music Video For 'Belong To You'

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Lena Fayre, sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, has just released an accompanying music video for her highly acclaimed debut single, “Belong To You.” The heart-rending video plays more like a short film than a typical music video, or perhaps more like one of the million-dollar, worldwide events that the MTV video debuts of the mid-1990’s were.

Fayre's “Belong To You” video is rendered in stunning black and white, with staggering contrasts of bright, white light and pitch-dark shadows, and with gradations of silver (rather than dull gray) in between. It tells the story of a young ill-fated, beautiful couple torn apart as victims of bad choices. Scenes of amorous carousing spliced between romantic visions of a date on the Santa Monica pier work as foils to remarkably gorgeous shots of doom and violence: windows exploding, curtains whipping in the wind; silhouettes of lover and beloved rolling slowly in their car as shattered glass arcs inward like angular drops of water; Fayre half-striding, half-gliding phantasmically through torrential rain as parking meters melt in her wake. The video closes on a tastefully treated plot twist (however melancholy and appropriately tragic) and with the too-familiar sounds of Los Angeles sirens speeding on their way to the site of the disaster. However, of all the shots, the image of Fayre's face with an ever-so-slightly quizzical expression with oncoming headlights shining upon her eerily white skin, is one that will stay with the viewer long afterward.

Directed by award-winning 23-year-old music video director from Cal. State Univ. Long Beach, Leah McKissock and produced by Adam Blake Carver, the video is a work of awe-inspiring beauty and grief, exactly parallel to Fayre's song, itself. McKissock's direction is somehow delicate and sledgehammer-blunt at once, her shots direct and uncluttered. Each of her subjects are as plain to the eye as a still-life painting, yet with a subtlety of emotion that lets deep undercurrents of impending regret and woe climb under the skin, where they build and push like dammed water until the deeply tragic closing scene.

Lensed by female cinematographer Polly Morgan, named the “rising star” of AFI’s competitive program and former assistant to world-renowned DP Wally Phister (The Dark Knight and Inception), Morgan modernizes every black and white frame with subtle film noir references and carefully placed pools of light. Her work is raw, yet simultaneously polished, making “Belong To You” a true work of art.

Fayre's single, “Belong To You,” is sure to send ripples of excitement throughout the pop music subculture (and thence onward through the mainstream, no doubt) and to have an early peek at such a marvelous music video produced by such young blood is a rare, rare treat for music fans. The video can be seen at:; the song is available on iTunes.

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About Lena Fayre: Rising pop singer Lena Fayre is sixteen years old today, yet her clarion, crystalline voice bears the same beauty and precision that made Lauryn Hill famous at roughly the same age. Her tones are bright, strong, and clean, with a carefully balanced vibrato that denotes the precision and control of a trained opera chanteuse. Her style shows more refinement than common pop music in both writing and performing, making her overall sound accessible to fans of Rihanna and Celine Dion alike. Music industry journalists have agreed that Lena Fayre's music presents “pop with a touch of the urban edge,” an appropriate phrase the young artist coined herself in describing her music.

This urban edge works as a catalyst for Fayre, distinguishing her from less forceful female performers, while at once infusing her songs with verve and vivacity. Of this she writes, “From the beginning, I did not want to do bland pop songs that go in one ear and out the other.” She has decried lowbrow, low-impact artistic direction in pop music as “totally forgettable,” and has demonstrated her capacity and intent to perform pop that is creative and full of her own vibrant, variegated personality.

Closely collaborating with Lena Fayre since her 12th birthday is Kosta Lois, a dizzyingly talented music writer, producer, and pianist from North Hollywood, at whose studio Fayre and Lois record much of their material. Also contributing to her first album is Tony Maserati, audio engineer and mixer whose legendary work has included songs by James Brown, Lady Gaga, and Tupac Shakur among scores of others. Additionally, Fayre's compositions have been realized under the tutelage of veteran writers Jaden Michaels (Carly Rae Jepson's “Kiss”) and Jenn Decilveo (Cody Simpson's “Paradise”).

Lena Fayre's debut extended-play album, currently untitled, is due for release in spring of 2013. Promoters and fans should not miss this chance to hear the artist in her original, unique and uncompromising splendor. It is doubtlessly the beginning of a long, colorful career.

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