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Valentine's Day Donations for Giving Back: Charity Choice Gift Cards

Post this eco-friendly Valentine's ecard on your friend's Facebook Wall. Starts as low as two dollars for each charity gift. They will be able to pick the causes most meaningful to them to benefit from your donation.

/EINPresswire.com/ As little as two dollars, give back with Valentine's Day Donation Ecards or post on facebook; send to her or him and let them pick the charities closest to their heart. They will be able to pick the causes most meaningful to them, that the funds will go towards.

CharityChoice Gift Cards now offers a Valentine's Day gift card for giving back; it can be delivered as a Charity eCard or as a Facebook post. This is not only the most meaningful gift she would receive this year, but is also the best for giving back and showing your love and thoughtfulness.

Physical cards and printed cards can be slipped into a gift box with a tangible gift item, making a wonderful addition to the present. Let her pick the causes closest to her heart for the donation to go towards.

The CharityChoice donation gift cards allow the gift giver to pre-select a charity to receive a portion of their donation, leaving their gift-recipient with the opportunity to pick another two causes, wonderful for social networking. Over 250 major national and many local charities to give back the donated funds and benefit their important missions. Recipients can choose from over 1000 charities in all. Causes include those for children, environment, health, military, animals, disaster relief and more. For example, Environmental Charities include Nature Conservancy, WWF and the Sierra Club.

Denominations start at $2 and go to over $1000, so everyone can send a gift within their budget. A top pick by Yahoo Business as a last-minute holiday gift, the purchase is 100% tax-deductible.

Ecard selections include cheerful charity gift graphics, birthday, environmental and all-occasion card designs. Ecards can be personalized with a greeting and message. The graphic design which is selected will appear on the friend's Wall when posted.
CharityChoice also offers business event charity swag and trade-show charity giveaways.

"We think people will be thrilled to be giving back with this Valentine's Day eCard in a more social way, with our charity gifts and ecard graphics delivered via Facebook. It is really the most eco-friendly of all: posting charity gifts on your friend's Facebook wall," said Daniel Goodman, President of CharityChoice. "Let's use these technological tools for a higher purpose, to elevate our gift-giving with gifts that help others, when more people are in need than ever."

About CharityChoice Gift Cards
CharityChoice (www.ccgiftcards.org) is the nonprofit pioneer and a leader in recipient-designated charity gifts. CharityChoice Donation Gift Cards are found in many corporate incentive and bank rewards programs, where points can be converted into a charity donation. The charity gift platform is a project of Special Kids Fund (www.specialkidsfund.org), an umbrella organization for special needs children. Gifts are 100% tax deductible, benefitting over 600 major national and local charities on the redemption list, with administrative fees also going towards helping special kids; so it is charitable all around.

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Daniel Goodman
CharityChoice Gift Cards

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