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Train on Earth, Reach for the Moon with TITIN Workout Gear

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- TITIN, manufacturer of the world’s only weighted compression gear, has begun a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 so that it can mass produce its TITIN Force™ Shorts System, the follow-up to its TITIN Force™ Shirt System, which was launched in 2010.

TITIN products are available in 14 countries around the world, and are worn by Olympic athletes, most famously the Dutch speedskating team, which won 24 medals at the Sochi Winter Games; Canadian soccer players; PGA golfers; and professional bodybuilders, as well as law enforcement and military personnel.

The crowdfunding campaign, which concludes on June 11, has already raised almost one-third of its goal and boasts over 200 backers. Now that the patterns have been finalized, and the prototypes produced and tested, TITIN is eager for its products to be available not only for the professional athletes, but also for ordinary people who want to be more physically fit and could benefit from TITIN technology. A donation of $129, which is $20 off the retail price of the shorts, will earn backers a pair of TITIN shorts. The first 200 donors pledging $149 or more will receive their own pair of TITIN shorts, delivered by August 1. TITIN’s goal is to mass produce the shorts, as well as improve the seams and upgrade the material. Future goals for TITIN include manufacturing a long pants model of the TITIN weighted compression gear system.

Results bear out the TITIN claims that athletic performance is improved with use of the product. A joint study with Under Armour® revealed that wearing TITIN weighted compression gear increased lactate intake by 25 percent, vertical leap by 13 percent, endurance by 11 percent, and top end sprint speed by 3 percent. TITIN technology’s even distribution of weight across the body improves posture, which means that muscle fiber recruitment is immediate. The absence of fatigue, combined with the swift muscle recruitment, leaves athletes feeling stronger, and not depleted, when the workout ends.

The TITIN HyperGravity™ Training reinforces the company’s slogan that athletes who use TITIN products feel like they’re training on Earth, and competing on the moon. TITIN’s medical-grade gel inserts that match the density of the body’s muscles enhance workout performance. Because the inserts are distributed over the body’s muscles, the joints are not harmed or pressured by the exertions of the body during the workout.

Founder and CEO Patrick Whaley brings investment-worthy credentials to this campaign, thanks to the product’s attractiveness. TITIN technology won the GT and the Rice Business Plan Competitions’ Most Fundable and Most Bankable awards in 2011. TITIN has seen its products named as CNN’s “The Next Big Thing” and the Outstanding Product of 2011 by Global Venture Labs. Whaley, a mechanical engineer, is joined by Athletic Integration and Research and Development Director Scott Hakim and Sales and Trade Shows Director Marco Ruggiero, who as a team, bring their individual talents in engineering and innovation, as well as personal athletic experience, to the sports marketplace.

But to fully understand the intuitive knowledge that founder Patrick Whaley brings to TITIN, it’s necessary to understand that his respect for effective physical fitness began long before he was a student at Georgia Institute of Technology. It’s not just the classic story of the skinny kid who loaded up his school backpack with books to build muscle, or the fact that he had a vision that weighted clothing could enhance athletic performance. In 2009, Whaley was shot in the chest during an armed robbery. The bullet pierced his right lung and his liver and nicked a major artery. Whaley accelerated his recovery by using his prototypes for weighted gear to physically bring himself back to health.

And speaking of recovery, the TITIN system isn’t just for athletes. Physical rehabilitation patients might find that they benefit from the TITIN inserts instead of relying on ice baths and heating pads. The TITIN system for physical fitness that heals instead of hurts, and invigorates while it activates, is a concept with the potential to galvanize a new style of workout regimen.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, TITIN (www.titintech.com) launched its line of weighted training gear in 2010 with the TITIN Force™ Shirt System, a form-fitting garment with hydro-gel inserts that can be heated or frozen so that the resistance weight is equally balanced across the body instead of placing pressure on the body’s joints. The TITIN Force™ Shorts System Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the TITIN Force™ Shorts System will expand the company’s product line and provide advanced workout performance potential for athletes intent on maximizing their athletic development.

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