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Internet Marketing Expert Says That Small Business Owners Must Understand and Use Online Marketing Tactics for Success

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Marketing expert, Dzine It says that small business owners should not be afraid of the power of the Internet but, rather, that they should embrace it.

Whether you try and tackle your online presence in house, or hire a professional online marking firm, creating an Internet presence requires time and patience, but it always pays off in the end.
— dzine it
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- “What small business owners need to understand about doing business these days is that that consumers are changing the way they discover and interact with local businesses,” says Peter Crisafi, President of dzine it, Inc. (www.idzineit.net), a leading online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) firm based in New York, serving clients worldwide. “Customers have moved away from their reliance on traditional media and now focus on digital resources, such as mobile searches, online directories, review sites, email, and social media.”

Crisafi says that local business owners, most of whom operate on tight budgets and don’t have access to marketing expertise, often find the subject too complex to deal with. In order to be successful, however, he says that they need to rethink where they market their product or service and figure out how to better connect with their customers through the Internet.

“It is understandable that many small business owners feel overwhelmed by the idea of online marketing,” says Crisafi, “but once they understand that the Internet is something to be embraced, there are clear roadmaps for continued success.”

Crisafi offers the following advice for local business owners to bring in new customers and keep them, using online marketing techniques:

1. Establish A Strong Web Presence. Local businesses need to have a website that provides accurate and relevant information about its products or services to attract and engage potential customers. In addition, Crisafi says that the site needs to be properly optimized for the search engines and mobile devices. Creating a great website isn’t the final piece of the puzzle, however. Crisafi says that small businesses need to create as many social media profiles as possible too.

2. Encourage Online Reviews. Three out of four purchase decisions are impacted by online reviews. Unfortunately, studies show that more than 50% of local businesses aren't getting online reviews and only 13% are asking for them. Crisafi says that it is imperative that small business owners ask existing customers to post reviews and make it easy for them to do so. He suggests giving them on-site access to review sites from the business location.

3. Engage Your Customers. The best way to attract repeat business is to engage your customers. The best way to engage your customers, according to Crisafi, is through social media. A recent study found that 78% of purchasing decisions were impacted by posts on the Facebook walls of businesses that the customers followed on social media. Crisafi says that the simple act of posting a photo or a customer review can help a business. Offering special promotions and announcing them through Facebook and other social media outlets, he explains, can also earn business loyalty.

“Online marketing is critical for small business success,” Crisafi concludes. “Regardless of whether you try and tackle your online presence in house, or hire a professional online marking firm, creating an Internet presence requires time and patience, but it always pays off in the end.”

Established in 2003, dzine it, inc. is a leader in custom web development, programming and design solutions for small and large business, agencies. The company offers a wide range of business-centered visual communication solutions, including web-based content management, web design, graphic design, custom web software applications, ethical white hat search engine optimization (organic SEO), video encoding, and print media solutions. For more information, call 212.989.0813 or visit www.idzineit.net.

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