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Crowdfunding Hope with Jimmy Jang’s “Love is the Power”

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- For musician Jimmy Jang, the harmony of his songs is a way to undo the toxic disharmony that keeps the modern world in a state of brokenness. The songs on his second album, "Love is the Power" are a testimonial to the fact that, despite the hatred that is so prevalent in modern society, Jang believes that love is stronger. In order to finance the recording of eight of the songs on his album, Jang is running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 by June 8. Jang wrote the music and lyrics for all of the songs, produced by Harry King, building on the success of his first album, “Love Is” which enjoyed popularity on college radio stations. His ultimate goal is to be able to write music that raises money for Doctors without Borders, Smile Train, and other organizations that help people in need. Donors who invest in his campaign may receive digital downloads of his songs, copies of his album, or a hand-painted tee-shirt that he designed. Donors of $1,000 or more who live in the northeastern United States will receive a special prize: Jang, who can cook Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish cuisine and even New England clam chowder, will visit their kitchen and prepare a meal.

A special feature of Jang’s musical diversity showed up in one of his songs, which he sings in both Chinese and English. Jimmy Jang comes from Keelung, Taiwan, a small harbor town on the Pacific Ocean, where he was one of six children in a family struggling to make ends meet. But even as a child, Jang embraced music as a medium that transcended the poverty of his childhood; at the age of eight, while still in grade school, he learned to play the drums.

It was when he began to travel that he became aware of the interplay between people and the planet, and how relationships that should be whole have become fractured. Jang journeyed to more than 60 countries all around the globe thanks to the opportunities provided to him as an officer on merchant marine vessels and as an international business trade developer. He saw the poisoning of planet Earth as sources of drinking water become polluted; he became aware of the oppression of women and native peoples; he was troubled by the manner in which men and women live by the theory that since we only live once, we’re entitled to grab what we can while we’re here, and the next generation will have to deal with what we leave behind.

Jang, a practicing Buddhist, learned that as he traveled, his Eastern spirituality came into conflict with Western materialism. But from that conflict, Jang’s music interpreted a language of love instead of hatred, faith instead of distrust, and unity instead of separation. Songs such as We Rock, Will You Change for Love, Love is, All I Got is Love to Share, Truth of Love, and You are the Angel reflect his personal values and his belief that only through unconditional love and compassion can what Jang describes as “the mess humanity has created on this earth” change for the better. Committed to the conviction that good relationships can make the difference, Jang also enjoys writing traditional songs about love, loss and commitment.

In his music, Jang is moved to ponder the direction of humanity as men and women become the slaves of their possessions instead of finding freedom in love. HIs familiarity with the many cultures of the world has shown him how people everywhere are living in separation instead of union, and how this brokenness has reached the point where the planet upon which we all live is in jeopardy due to human self-centeredness. Jang asks if only the material world has any meaning in people’s lives. If people continue to abuse each other, if the ones who are vulnerable, such as women, children, and even pets, as well as the planet, continue to be victimized, where can we find answers that provide solutions ?

For Jang, that solution is music.

About Jimmy Jang Music
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jimmy Jang (www.jimmyjangmusic.com) is an indie rock artist whose music reflects both the Eastern influences of his Taiwanese upbringing and the Western influences of his global travels. He composes his own material, both tunes and lyrics, and his goal is to see the message of his music spread throughout the world where it can reach and heal a world divided by suffering, poverty, and pain.

Jimmy Jang
Jimmy Jang Music
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